iPASS Integrative Psychological and Social Services


We graciously would like to acknowledge the following organizations and persons for supporting access to mental health care.

In order of recency:

Google Adwords, whose ongoing marketing and outreach grant has helped us reach the populations who seek care.

The Pride Foundation, whose 2014 monetary grant subsidizes diagnostic assessments when required for appropriate medical treatment, therapy for persons who identify as LGBTQ, and educational outreach.

Green Standards, who secured and facilitated a furniture donation for our organization in 2014, which has helped people receive care in a comfortable and well-appointed environment. 

Tulalip Tribes Charitable Giving, whose generosity to our organization in 2013, so early in the organization’s development, has allowed many people who receive access to care.

North West Kidney Centers, who have been collaborative supporters, and who gave us our first-ever grant in 2013.   


Integrative Psychological and Social Services is registered as a non-profit organization in the state of Washington. All of our activities comply with the requirements of article 501(c)3 of the tax code and we an IRS-approved nonprofit.  Donations are tax deductible.  We are additionally registered with the Charities Division of the Secretary of State Office.




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